"Ko maru kai atu ko maru kai mai ka ngohengohe" "Give as well as take and all is well"

Tutu/Tupakihi 60g

Kawakawa Spa and Native Remedies

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Tutu/Tupakihi 60g

Use on Varicose Veins, Tendons, Nerves, Bruising, Gout.

Rapid relief for Arthritis, Fast release of Inflammation.

Knits Broken Bones and Hairline Fractures.

Washing hands before handling food is recommended

Tutin is the poisonous part of the tutu plant in its natural state.  It has been told that through the cooking process the tutin is no longer present.  I haven't personally tested and trailed this therefore it is recommended to use precaution.  Please wash your hands before handling food if it is straight after application. 

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