Mirimiri Pregnancy 1hr

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Due to the increase in operational costs over the past couple of years, we will be increasing prices from February 2nd 2022. 
Treatments can be purchased now and used anytime. 
Lay-by is also available  

💚 We have a pregnancy table for you to lay safely and comfortably on your front. We are then able to fully realign your body working your bone structure, releasing muscle tension. Working in with your energetic body and field, honohono and reiki is used to soothe and ease any disturbances to the mind easing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.
💚 Personally I do not massage your belly as I believe the wairua of your baby is sacred and this is how I show respect to your unborn child. I am there to accommodate you and your experience. This in turn will nurture baby through having a happy mama.
💚 I come into your space and do what is required for you.  Pending on the session I may need to use kohatu, rakau, crystals or sound. These are all very helpful; in preparation for the birthing process also.