Kawakawa Balm

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💚 ALLEVIATE & REPAIR: Use on Open Wounds, Cuts, Bites, Burns, Bruises, Rashes, Chicken Pox, Headaches, Teething, Nappy Rash, Stretch Marks, Pimples, Boils, Chafing, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cracked Heels, Dried Nail Beds, Frizzy Hair, Animals and so much more ♡ 

💚 ACTIVATES QUICKLY: Kawakawa is the most diverse plant in the forest, it contains a natural antiseptic which removes infection under the skin.  Once absorbed into the blood flow, this helps bruises, bumps, rashes, chafing heal quickly. 

💚 SOLUTIONS: Kawakawa is also a coolant for all types of burns, bites, stings and rashes will have an automatic cooling and soothing effect.

💚 LONG LASTING: Is luxurious to use for mirimiri or massage, providing a long lasting spread on the body. 


Ingredients: high vibrational Kawakawa Oil and local Beeswax