Pūmanawa Pulse Oil

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Size: 10ml

Pumanawa - the beating heart, drawing a long breath igniting ones gifts and natural talents.


Peridot crystal. 

Kumarahou putiputi/flower.

Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang,  Palmarosa, Myrrh.

Peridot chystal is to receive from the universe - Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra

Carries positive energy for those undergoing traumatic, emotional situations allowing your body to re calibrate and reeling back in your physical and energetic bodies. Promotes restful sleep. Balancing of emotions and mind, uplifting returning compassion back for self, opening your senses igniting your divinity.

Kumarahou - Symbolic meaning is to nurture change and experience bringing in clarity and awakening. Is self nurturing on all levels in your life so life every moment!! Kumarahou holds the mantle of transformation, so take advantage of this ability and that of renewal while responding to the souls call to action. Fulfill and be true to yourself. It's time to rise up of your rebirth, resurrection, vision for an entirely new quality of life with new possibilities.

Ylang ylang helps to harmonise the masuline and the feminine energies.  Can help integrate the healing elements of the divine feminine. Is calming, healing, relaxing and euphoric to the mind and body. It is the oil for the inner child helping the heart to release negative emotions such as anger, possessiveness and low self esteem. Nourishes positive emotions of confidence, self love and spiritual awareness. Life the spirits, promotes relaxation.

Palmarosa has a calming effect on the spirit, it may help relieve nervous tension, clear muddled thinking, alleviate nervous exhaustion and uplift your mood. Promotes enthusiasm, healing and love. It awakens your auric field and gives you direction, purpose and strength.

Myrrh is a sedative scent and known to lift negative moods, promotes the feeling of being grounded and encourages the feeling of spiritual awakening. Purifies sacred spaces