Mirimiri (Intuitive Healing Massage) 1 Hour

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💚 Mirimiri is massage combined with energy healing, drawn through connecting spiritually, allowing for healing to happen on levels beyond just the physical.

💚 You will experience deep relaxation, toxins of all manifestation removed from the body easing muscle tension and restoring optimum energy levels, bringing balance back into unison on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

💚 We come into your space and do what is required for you, often working on your pressure points.  Pending on the session we may need to use kohatu, rakau, crystals or sound. 

Treatments can be purchased now and used at anytime! LayBuy and is available online only.

To book:

Visit: 3 Kensington Place, Fairfield

Email: kawakawaspa@gmail.com

Phone: 021 2069 861