Ko Justine Rangihaeata toku ingoa. Kaitiaki of Kawakawa Spa.
Having lived in Wellington for 10 yrs, my last 4 had been spent learning from 2 amazing Wahine Toa, Sarona Hawkins who was my teacher of Reiki and Ema Weepu who is my teacher of Rongoa Maori. Through Ema I was privileged to have been taught on the Marae learning through listening, observing and doing. Working with people who were unwell showed how the Rongoa moves throughout the body and how by working on the body unlocks the tinana so the Rongoa can flow freely.
3 years was spent running a Rongoa Clinic from Koraunui Marae and 1.5 years running a Rongoa clinic from Waiwhetu Marae. Offering workshops and teachings along the way.
April 2019 I relocated to Hamilton and August 2019 through the prompts from wairua I was told to open a Rongoa Clinic and do what it is I do here in Hamilton. We then became based within a medical complex. There was a strong pull and need to be positioned where sick people go. To be available and in the public eye, to normalize Rongoa Maori while letting people know this can be a first option not a last option because nothing else has worked!
You are your own healer and when you make the decisions which best suit you, this empowerment is what keeps you in control of your own healing which boosts your wairua.
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Nga mihi ki a koe,
Justine Rangihaeata
"Ko maru kai atu ko maru kai mai ka ngohengohe”
"Give as well as take and all is well”