Empress Daily Rituals Gift Pack

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The golden glisten of the empress skin radiates beyond her inner glow. Anointed in the devine fragrance and powerful shift within Pumanawa. Clearing and seeing the mood, this luxurious package is surely divine.

The Empress Daily Rituals Gift Pack contains an exclusive selection of Goddess luxury skincare and Ataahua skincare. Carefully crafted with a combination of natural active ingredients and the latest in skincare technology, this carefully curated collection is the perfect daily ritual for the complexion.


- Ataahua Pani 60g

- Mamaku Facial Mist 50ml

- Kawakawa Facial Serum 

- Pumanawa - Pulse Oil 10ml

- Whakawatea Wairua Spray 50ml

- Smudging Candle (lavender or vanilla)

- Kawakawa Lip Balm 5g