Whakaora Gift Pack

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To Heal and to be healed.

Taking the transformational journey within.

- Whakawatea - to cleanse the wairua/aura spray to calm and free personal space.

- Pumanawa - pulse oil to open your senses igniting your divinity

- Haumanu - iternal drops for mood support

- Smudging candle - assists you to set space for intentional reflection and meditation. 

- Gift Card: Add your personalised message in the ‘notes’ section when checking out (optional).


💗 All 4 work together collectively to assist your journey.

💗 If you are ready to look deep inside yourself and journey yourself back through transformation then here is your complete tool kit.

💗 These all complement collectively to have you in control of your system, how you function giving you the freedom into how you can create your own destiny and life path.

💗 Not only will your shed old patterns, thoughts and systems we will supply you with medicinal drops to support your physical body internally and a pulse oil to clear though old making a clear path for new.

💗 Everybody has their own story and level of trauma they have been through, weather big or small it is personal to only you. If your having difficultly to function in everyday life. Or you may just be feeling off balanced, uninspired or unmotivated then I highly recommend you take this journey of recovery and self discovery. 

💗 Travel through your wounds, past hurt, road blocks and personal professional development. We are here to help you every step of the way, providing a booklet included to prompt questions that evoke deep realizations bringing forth the opportunity to be honest with yourself delving as deep down you choose to go, to them come up rising further than you could have ever imagined.