Ataahua Pani/Face Cream

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Size: 60g

✅ LOVE YOURSELF: Ataahua Pani is exactly that, simply beautiful!  As soon as you apply Ataahua Pani/Beauty Cream you get a feeling of well being and your skin instantly feels soothed and smooth.

✅ NOURISHING EVERY ELEMENT: We believe beauty is all about self love, nourishing every fiber of your being, With this in mind we have Intentionally formulated the pure plant nutrients extracting directly from the ngahere with heart. 

✅ SACRED DELICATE RONGOĀ: Wairua guided Justine was lead to Hoheria, Koromiko and Kumarahou. Blending together to nourish and protect deep into your skins delicate layers bringing forth your natural radiant glow.

Ingredients: Koromiko, Kūmarahou, Hoheria, Coconut Oil, Wai and Aroha 

Perfect to use following our Kawakawa Facial Scrub and Mamaku Facial Mist.


💟 Now this may sound a little off track but I need to share this story with you.

Working predominantly with spirit following wairua, the entire journey of this product is a result of listening, trusting and following my intuition.

On a spiritual level this is also used on the whare tangata (womb/stomach) to help the healing process through reconnecting you back in to your body, loving, caring, nurturing the space in which life is, was, will be created. Ignite your divine feminine.

To connect into self gently smooth Ataahua Pani into the palms of your hands then place your hands on your stomach forming a diamond. Next, allow your energy to combine with the energy of the Rongoa (Ataahua Pani), paying close attention to the sensations on the palms of your hands. When you feel a shift in energy, radiate the vibration into your womb, sitting in this space. In your minds eye begin to surround your womb, or the space which had held your womb, in divine love encasing this space with warm light. Shift from your mind and travel inward to begin your journey of self healing xx

If you would like to discus further or to seek a treatment session, you will find a variety of modality and information on our Clinic tab.

  • Face cream for all skin types
  • Day cream 
  • Organic
  • Hand harvested and created
  • Energic healing of the wharetangata womb
  • Connects you back into self