Haumanu - internal drops for mood support

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✅ WHAT DOES HAUMANU MEAN? To be revived restoring good health, providing therapeutic rejuvenation and balance.

✅ WHAT DOES HAUMANU DO? Haumanu helps you to shift through the changes which take place on your healing journey. This is your solution and opportunity to recalibrate and uplift your mauri, energy field, assisting the body back to a neutral position where you can rest, breathe and begin to reset to move forward. To be taken internally x3 drops in the mouth or 100mls of water when you need a lift.

✅ WAIRUA|SPIRIT: Angiangi energetically heals the spirit. It represents the element of air and supports the life force - HA (breath) The sacred breath of life and upgrades the aura to align us to a higher state of consciousness.

✅ TIMELINES & KARMA: Horopito represents the past and allows you to access the fragments of your past, especially resentment. It supports you to integrate past life information and ancient deeper cellular memory. This is birthed into you and part of your coding from your ancestral lines. Promotes healing from all past events, intertwining you back into this present state.

✅ EASE THE MIND & BODY: Chamomile is one of the most precious herbs of the te ra/the sun. is associated with purification, protection, sleep and meditation. Healing for stress, insomnia, anxiety, muscle and menstrual cramps, digestion. Promotes love, peace, purification and tranquility.

Contains: Angiangi, Horopito, Chamomile, filtered water and aroha.

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  • Recalibrate your system
  • Clear andv revitalize your auric field
  • Calms and resets your body 
  • Stabilizes your mind, body and wairua