Respect and honor

I'm going to embark on a journey of honoring ones self. 

Often what we see looking back at us are the negative words that have been thrown our way over years. The disrespectful behavior shown towards us, making it acceptable to a degree, or so we allow.  Or being in the company of people who rate themselves higher so they belittle you and everyone else around them when infact, they are extruding this behavior to make themselves feel more superior than what they actually are.

Some people beat others down because that's the only way they know how to raise themselves up. Which becomes the unwelcoming reality for those around them.

So is self respect and honoring ones self the same thing?

I believe to honor oneself is to go deep into ones soul and see all of who you are, your past self and timelines before and all that you are destind to be, starting with the now. Because after all, it is what happens in the now that affects your future self. 

Then again you have to respect yourself to unlock being able to honor yourself right?

Then holding yourself in high regard will open the channel for your ancestors to shine through allowing your cosmic self to breathe life into existence manifesting and creating in the now!

December 06, 2018 — Justine Rangihaeata

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