Christmas Market Nov 2nd 2019

Kawakawa Spa will be present at the first market only.

Held yearly these markets draw in crowds from all around the region. With up to 150 stall holders on site you're bound to find something for everyone at these markets.

A donation from the profits from these markets will be given to Heart Kids Waikato

October 31, 2019 — Justine Rangihaeata

Mind ♡ Body ♡ Spirit

This is going to be an amazing weekend in such a peaceful location. Come down to the Hamilton Gardens, doors open at 10am until 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Listen to some of the various talks which will be happening throughout the weekend to.

Justine will be there with all her Rongoa and also offering Mahi Wheua on both days.

October 14, 2019 — Justine Rangihaeata

Milestone Celebration ☆

Thank you for your continuous support throughout these years, trusting and believing in the Rongoa we prepare,  make and have ready for you ♡

This is our gesture of thanks to you 🙏

Ends Wednesday 16th, October 6.30pm

October 14, 2019 — Justine Rangihaeata
Patai / Information

Patai / Information

• Did you know we custom make oils to suit your needs?

• Did you know we brew the plants for medicinal purposes? 

• Did you know we send worldwide?

• Did you know we also do Mirimiri and Healing Facials?

• Did you know we facilitate workshops?

• Did you know we are always open to distributors? 

September 16, 2019 — Justine Rangihaeata
Respect and honor

Respect and honor

I'm going to embark on a journey of honoring ones self. 

Often what we see looking back at us are the negative words that have been thrown our way over years. The disrespectful behavior shown towards us, making it acceptable to a degree, or so we allow.  Or being in the company of people who rate themselves higher so they belittle you and everyone else around them when infact, they are extruding this behavior to make themselves feel more superior than what they actually are.

Some people beat others down because that's the only way they know how to raise themselves up. Which becomes the unwelcoming reality for those around them.

So is self respect and honoring ones self the same thing?

I believe to honor oneself is to go deep into ones soul and see all of who you are, your past self and timelines before and all that you are destind to be, starting with the now. Because after all, it is what happens in the now that affects your future self. 

Then again you have to respect yourself to unlock being able to honor yourself right?

Then holding yourself in high regard will open the channel for your ancestors to shine through allowing your cosmic self to breathe life into existence manifesting and creating in the now!

December 06, 2018 — Justine Rangihaeata
New Product Released ☆☆☆ Toa Sports Balm

New Product Released ☆☆☆ Toa Sports Balm

$29.95 rrp

Kawakawa Spa and Native Remedies are celebrating the Warriors win!!! with the official release of our brand new🌟 sports balm "TOA"💪🏾. This name emulates courage, bravery and a winning spirit 3 characteristics needed to perform well in any given competitive environment!🏅 "TOA" is also the name of our youngest child and even though just a baby, she is already starting to show these qualities already.😊 "TOA Sports Balm" 🏄🏽has been a long time in the making and alot of thought and care has gone into its development.🤔

Although it is targeted 🎯towards the sports and recreation market, we would also highly recommend it for Kairãkau/Kaihaka/MPA me ērā atu mahi ki te tautoko ã koutou huarahi i te ao mãori 😝, people who have physically demanding jobs and those who have niggly ongoing injuries. Perfect for muscle strains and pains with many healing properties such as helping to heal muscle spasms, inflammation, bruising etc.

We are also very excited to announce that we have created both a mens 🙎🏽‍♂️and womens🙎🏻 brand, which we know will compliment both parties being made gender specific and look forward to seeing these gems 💎 out on the sports fields.

We hope you all enjoy our new taonga "TOA"

Nõ reira e te iwi ngã mihinui ki a koutou katoa mõ ãu koutou tautoko tonu ki te whare rongoa whãnau nei o Kawakawa Spa me Native Remedies nã te mea nãu te rourou nãku te rourou ka ora ai te iwi #TīheiWhenaOra 💚

April 02, 2017 — Justine Rangihaeata

Low Cost Clinic

Being in business and nurturing that piece inside your heart of wanting to give back is a balancing act and is equally important.  A solution to feeding this nourishment is offering a Low Cost Clinic which launched in February 2016, the idea following the lead of The Powerhouse which is where I started as a client and left as a practitioner in 2014.
The beginning started on the first Sunday of every month with the vision of eventually extending onto a Monday as dependant on demand, growing considerably well we were able to do this in July 2016.
Low Cost Clinic now operates on the first Sunday and Monday of every month except the month of January.
This is a great opportunity to try treatments you may be curious about or before booking a full session. 
All treatments available are listed below  
$20 for 30 mins
10am - 3pm
Classic Facial
Healing Facial
Kawakawa Foot Spa Treatment
Your welcome to bring your friend or significant other however I do ask for half payment when booking out more than one time slot out of consideration for others if an appointment time hasn't been fulfilled others miss out......Kia ora♡
July 19, 2016 — Justine Rangihaeata