Supporting Your Journey Within.

Whakaora is a combination of our 4 key components, working together in unison bringing out your deep inner healing through confronting what needs to be acknowledged, past on, then allows for the rebuilding of self, inside and out.

Whakaora taps into the forces of the season and moon cycles to transition you through the changes your wanting for your own self and well being. When we work with the flow this allows the transition to be a lot more natural, going with fluidity.

Take advantage of the extra support by allowing yourself to flow in sync with all of the elements around you. Utilise the water to cleanse and clear, shift. The wind to blow freely clearing your inner being, tapping into the harmony of your own breath. Te Ra/the sun which shines upon your skin providing the comfort of warmth everyday and the security of papatuanuku/earth mother and her ability to heal you through the earth's pulse.

Shedding skin - layers - raw - letting go - vulnerability - rebirth - starting fresh - new.

Opening up to see the unseen, allowing it to carry you forth into the new dimensions of creation.

Letting go, saying sorry to nurture the within.

Allow your true essence of divinity to shine through, blinding that which no longer serves your higher/bigger purpose, outshining the old you.

Whakaora - To Heal and to Be Healed

Consists of :-

Smudging Candle

Whakawatea Aura Cleansing Spray

Pumanawa Pulse Oil

Haumanu drops to Recalibrate you