"Ko maru kai atu ko maru kai mai ka ngohengohe" "Give as well as take and all is well"

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Kawakawa Spa provides natural solutions for Healthcare, Skin conditions and other ailments.

We have the ability to treat the condition internally and externally traditionally using active ingredients derived from the native plants of Aotearoa called Rongoa Maori. Rongoa Maori is traditional plant essences, wairaku, plant juice, tincture using the medicinal properties contained in various plants which are used.

Firstly it is important to nurture the wairua/spirit, as well as the tinana/physical and realigning the hinengaro/mind. This is achieved through karakia/prayer, korero/conversation and energy healing when working one on one.

Tikanga/customs are used throughout the entire process when working with Rongoa to enable the Mauri/life to be present and to be respectful to that which we are using.