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We invite you to come step out of your hectic life for an hour or more to rediscover and reconnect with yourself, taking charge of your life and choices.

Services include;

Rongoa Consultation $30 Rongoa Maori Consultation is about finding the best solution for your needs providing council through korero/talking, ancient teachings provide knowledge in supplying rongoa/native remedies.  If you are unsure what it is that you require this process will assist you in bringing it forward.

You are your own healer. I simply provide you with what you need, ultimately it is up to you. All things are possible. Whanau Mirimiri/Energy Healing or Mahi Wheua/Bone Realignment may require to be done in these sessions. 

If you are coming for medical reasons please bring all relevant information and a print out of all medication you are on.

Facials $40 - $60 Kawakawa Facial Scrub to Cleanse, Mamaku gentle facial mist, Massage with specially blended oils,  plus permission to clear and re-balance the mind, body and spirit through hands on hands off healing and pressure points, is deeply relaxing and restoring.  Kawakawa or Àtaahua facial , moisturizer to finish.

During the deep nourishing facial a mask is applied and Rongoa is used in an oxidising vaporiser.

Foot Spa Treatment $40 Bubbly aromatic foot spa using fresh Kawakawa leaves to draw out toxins through the feet, while relaxing and enjoying a lower leg and foot massage using presser points to aid internally including hands, finishing with hands off energy healing clearing, cleansing re-balancing your tinana/body and wairua/aura.

Mirimiri including pregnancy $40 hr hr $70 hr Mirimiri is massage combined with energy healing, drawn through connecting spiritually, allowing for healing to happen on levels beyond just the physical.
You will experience deep relaxation, toxins of all manifestation removed from the body easing muscle tension and restoring optimum energy levels, bringing balance back into unison on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.
I come into your space and do what is required for you.  Pending on the session I may need to use kohatu, rakau, crystals or sound. 


Reiki $70 Working with your energy field focusing of opening your chakra points bringing your Mauri/energetic self back into your body running in unison with your physical self.

Justine has been trained and initiated in the 2 degree of Ushi Shiki Ryoho. 
Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation helping the body to balance from a very deep level, allowing positive energy to flow into the body through the hands of the practitioner.


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