Tutu/Tupakihi Balm 120g

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Tutu Balm helps to relieve joint pain when applied to the skin including hands. It can provide short-term and in some cases long-term effective relief. Tutu reduces inflammation, swelling and irritation. This helps to decrease the pressure in the joints proving better blood flow and movement in joints increasing mobility.

For gout it is vital that the uric acid which builds up forming crystals in the joints are broken down.  Tutu Balm is extremely effective in massaging for a longer period easing the discomfort while encouraging the blood flow back into this area.

Tutu Balm also relieves muscle and particularly bone pain which can be experienced by feeling sharp shooting pains, You may feel a warm sensation which is the Rongoa activating within the body. During Mirimiri I use Tutu to give the body a rest.

Other uses which are not limited to and include, Varicose Veins, Sore Tendons, Nerve Pain, Bruising, Sprains and strains. Knits Broken Bones and Hairline Fractures.

Contains, Tutu/Tupakihi leaves, beeswax and aroha.

(Recommendation, don't handle food immediately after applying)

If local you may also enjoy Mahi Wheua which unlocks the body.