Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set

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Te wharetangata is the sacred gateway to life. It is one of the most powerful part of the female body. It invites and ignites the rebirth of the divine feminine divine masculine energies intertwining to create the ultimate synergy of self love & self healing including past and previous generations.. A strong pelvis will increase intense orgasm, stronger internal grip during penetrative sex, reduced symptoms of incontinence, reducing the risk

Rose quartz is a gentle, pink, feminine, high-vibrational stone all about unconditional love, self love, romantic love, and harmonious relationships. Rose quartz helps you to recognize your own self worth, experiencing joy, warmth, peace, and emotional healing. It helps to dissolve old wounds and traumas (including sexual) releases early imprinting that might have made you feel unable to love yourself and unable to love others. Its vibration of love dissolves anger, soothes heartache, releases emotional thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you.