Reading and Selfcare Pack

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The most powerful healing tool you can ever have is you! You are your own healer.  
However do you sometimes times feel like you are going through waves? Feeling like it’s a little harder to pull yourself out and back on track?

Often this is because the transition period and change, shifts us out of our comfort zone and amps us up a few notches into a new space. 

One of 2 things can happen during this time. 
1. We’re like wtf is happening this is so uncomfortable.

2. Feeling lost and looking for direction. 

For a limited time we’ve connected with Maioha Allen Healing and paired Whakaora heal and be healed together to give you potent medicine and insight to assist you on your journey, providing clarity for the next stage in your life. 

In this package you will receive a 3 CARD SPREAD  WHAKAORA ✨✨ To Heal and be healed. Assisting you in taking the transformational journey within.

Whakawatea - to cleanse the wairua/aura spray to calm and free personal space.

Pumanawa - pulse oil to open your senses igniting your divinity

Haumanu - internal drops for mood support

Smudging candle - assists you to set space for intentional reflection and meditation.