Te wharetangata is the sacred gateway to life. It is one of the most powerful part of the female body. It invites and ignites the rebirth of the divine feminine divine masculine energies intertwining to create the ultimate synergy of self love & self healing including past and previous generations.

‘Me aro koe ki te hā o Hineahuone’ — ‘Pay homage to the essence of womankind’.

A strong pelvis will increase intense orgasm, stronger internal grip significantly more it prevents and reduces the odd leak ladies, of incontinence, reducing the risk of or treating uterine prolapse, reducing the risk of leakage, promoting healing after vaginal childbirth. Regular yoni egg use can help balance your hormones and symptoms associated with pms. Spiritually, when inside you, yoni eggs work as energy healers to help women transform stored trauma, spiritually renew their womb space and hearts, increase sexual energy, and helps you to connect themselves and feminine energy.