Aroha Whaiaro Gift Pack

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Is a set of WHAKAWAHI hot body oil, NURTURING FROM WITHIN internal drops & POUNAMU as a gift of aroha.

💚 WHAKAWAHI is to Anoint, Crown.

Taking a glimpse of time to spend with yourself. Slowly begin initiating a ritual of self care with your body. Honouring your tinana, nourishing every cell in your body. Reprogramming oneself into who you so desire. Loving and respecting all of who you are, you are with you 24/7 so take some time to know and connect with yourself. What do you love? What needs extra attention. Be kind and gentle with yourself and slowly begin to speak words of gratitude and empowerment into her. You hold the power.

How To Use: Soften in a large glass of hot water then massage into your body and face if you desire.

Ingredients: Waikato grown Kawakawa, long infused in Coconut Oil

Nasturtium - holds the vibrations of love, loyalty, strength and purity.

Clevers - provides protection, warms around commitment and is binding.

Pau d’arco - is a potent healer who provides great strength.

Sweet aromas of Patchouli - which draws in the earths energy grounding and connecting you in. Patchouli is uplifting, promotes relaxation and drives passion.

Cypress - is an oil of protection and eliminates stagnation. Cypress opens you up to spiritual evolution and personal development. Strengthens connection.



Is a tincture to be taken in water so you can enjoy the full experience and form a deeper connection to the mauri of its contents. 

How To use: Add 2 drops of tincture to 1 cup of water. 

Ingredients: Cinnamon - which gently warms the body. Builds positivity providing overall feel good vibrations. Balances sugar levels

Ginseng - brings you into a space of balance between calm and creativity, representing personal power making this the perfect blend to sit in meditation, although I like to refer to it as sitting in a space of wananga.

Lemon Balm - is the final key to this blend which provides a calming effect. Purifies and uplifts your spiritual body.

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