Ultimate Immunity Booster Pack

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Features & details

  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Recommended for everyone ages 6mths and up.
  • HELP YOUR BODY THE NATURAL WAY: Rongoa Maori traditional plant medicine have been formulated together to relieve chesty, flu  symptoms. Our products work with your body without the risk of contraindications, working complimentary to any medications. 
    These are provided in the form of concentrated drops, throat spray and tea to be taken orally through the mouth and/or added onto water. Body oil and balm to encourage and expel mucus, easing coughs and an achy body. 
  • DAY & NIGHT RELIEF: Pain Relief Balm and Whakawahi is your day and night solution, calming those dry, fitful coughs at bedtime. They both contain Rongoā which help to soothe, relieve and release congestion and discomfort. 
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER drops,  contain 4 Powerhouse Ingredients. Kawakawa, Kumarahou, Kanuka, Nasturtium. Immunity Booster combines the strength of not one–but four high-quality, immune-supporting ingredients which helps to promote immune function, with a natural extra immune boost of vitamin C to bring you a powerful supplement great for any season.
  • RELIEF FOR COUGH & CHEST CONGESTION: Harvested in Waikato ingredients are 100% Kawakawa and Kumarahou, combined work to relieve all types of common coughs and loosen chest congestion. Take straight in the mouth or the option of cold or warm water. 
  • BREATH EASY instantly opens nasal passages to increase airflow and help you breathe easier  Helps reduce snoring, improve sleep quality, and provide cold and allergy relief. 
  • A BETTER WAY: At Kawakawa Spa, we believe there's a better way to feel better, rebalancing your mauri life force, and distortion to your tinana body.   Since 2016 Kawakawa Spa has been dedicated to providing the purest medicines using sustainable practices. Quality has always been our passion and your well-being is our goal. Planting many seeds as we go. Imprinting renewed whakaaro thoughts/teachings while also restoring the old.